I think we're all aware that a solid morning routine that fits our lifestyle is not only beneficial to us but also has the added benefit of setting our day on the right foot.

A solid morning routine will continually give us momentum towards a successful day in whatever endeavor we decide to encounter.

So how can something as simple as lemon water be so helpful when we're just getting started in our day?


12oz of water

1/2 lemon squeezed

1/4 teaspoon salt

Drink together before anything else in the morning.


This simple formula goes a long way and works right out of the gate, but why?

1. Hydration - Starting with the Water we are hydrating from the beginning of our day and on a fasted body. The body performs best when it's hydrated, so a quick 12 oz will give you a great start on those water goals.

2. Vitamin C - Citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C. A little vitamin C every day can help prevent the common cold and may reduce the risk of stroke and lower blood pressure.

3. Digestive Health - Lemon water can also help to kick start the digestive system. This will get things moving in the morning and allow for the rest of your breakfast to be digested better.

4. Adrenal Support/Muscle Activation - The salt, and hopefully you keep far less processed salts like Himalayan salt around, can aid in muscle activation and contractions. It can also have the added benefit of helping to manage the adrenal system. As for performance junkies, we are constantly pushing the adrenal system.

This is a simple hack with the ability to drive change and start our day on the right track.

What does your morning routine include?