Earlier last year I started a trend of spending at least an hour without any technology and without a doubt It was the most rewarding and at the same time the most difficult thing I have done. The benefits though have fruit to bear, if you're willing to put up with the agony of being without your devices.


What Studys Are Saying

Science has finally had time to show us why digital detox is beneficial and also the scarer side of what it is doing to us as we indulge in all this awesome tech around us.

The American Psychological Associations' Stress in America survey, found that about one-fifth of adults in the United States (roughly 18%) said technology was a common source of stress in their lives.

Similarly, a study conducted in Sweden reported heavy technology use among young adults as a linking factor in sleep problems, depression-like symptoms and increased stress.

The studies are beginning to come out now and can show how moderate to heavy use of digital devices on the regular, can have adverse behavioral effects on individuals.

Doing a digital detox is the rage right now, but it seems to be for short periods of one week to one month. Then the habits come back better than they were before. Generally, 4the detox can help bring awareness to the problems but have trouble mitigating the symptoms.

Signs of Digital Overload Can Include:

  • Feeling anxious about finding your devices
  • Feeling afraid you'll miss something on your device, a notification or notice
  • Longer days spent playing on the phone in bed
  • Feeling depressed after using the phone
  • Feeling compelled to check the phone every few minutes

Doing a Digital Detox

Let's be real. Doing a digital detox today is a challenge given how to connect our lives are. Stepping away regularly can be a challenge. 

Instead, we suggest a simple plan:

One Hour a Day for 60 Days

When we say digital detox for an hour, we suggest setting the time up on your calendar or a reminder on your phone (haha). When the timer goes off, that's when you turn off all devices. This means, no music, TV, phones, computer, nothing.

This is traditionally a time to reconnect with yourself and your mind.

Maybe even a good time to go workout...

Going without your devices can me the most uncomfortable thing you can do, but with practice and a daily ritual of doing it you'll see massive gains in clarity and focus on what YOU need.

Good luck with it and let us know if you GET SOME on the Digital Detox 60 day Challenge!